My name is SOX and I will be your guide and greeter. Come in to give me treats, pet me, scratch my belly. Oh yeah, you can buy, sell and trade video games, movies and music while your here too. Also available now are skateboards! What a selection of goods, and they are at very competitive prices too. If you can't find a deal here, well you must be a cat lover or something. Just kidding I love cats too, speaking of which it's been a while since my last treat.



Level Up is having a huge giveaway. Everyone wins AT LEAST a $10 gift card just for participating. One lucky winner receives a grand prize worth $1350. Please take a moment to read this message from the owner.

The end of the world. Pretty crazy. Do I really think the world will end? NO. Do I think the corrupt broken systems should end? YES. We should be smart enough as a species to see that the current way we use resources is not sustainable. We must find a better way or face the consequences to our actions. What is most troubling to me is that so many people suffer, and many, many more will suffer because of the greed of a very few.

I do not wish to spread fear. However, I was a boy scout and still believe in "BE PREPARED". Be aware of the dangers we face and continue to spread knowledge and love. We can build a better world.

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